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Mer-Aina Heart of a angel and as feirce as a tiger This oc is for trade *Not My Art* I WILL TRADE •Mlp Oc You Don't Use/Like that's yours •ART •Mlp Art

It's a merpony with rainbow scales. More like a pastel rainbow of pink, white, blue, and purple. We read The Rainbow Fish i. The Rainbow Scales

Comic - Twilights First Day #1 by on @deviantART

I've been toying with the idea of doing some MLP comics, and been dithering back and forth between doing standalone joke-based stuff or a more narrative. Comic - Twilight's First Day

Drawing Animals With Numbers

Get all four brand NEW Harptoons how-to-draw books and a Large Signed Sketchbook (no illustration inside.) * Drawing Dragons With Numbers * Drawing Animals With Numbers * Drawing Crazy Cartoons With L Más