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Pen & Pencil Drawing

Drawing & sketching tutorials for ALL levels! Learn to draw and sketch with a pen or a pencil, online, for free, with many guides, reviews and tips. How to draw…
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How to Draw Trees with a Pen
Tree drawing guide, with step-by-step instructionss, and many example. Learn how to draw realistic trees using pens and other mediums.
DIY craft tutorial for drawing maps from imagination and creating an old or antique looking paper for treasure maps and pirate maps. See examples for drawing a world map, fantasy, and science fiction, using a pen.
My recommended supply review, for drawing realism with graphite pencils. Guide for the top brands and some drawing tips.
How to Draw Realistic Textures
Texture drawing guide, using graphite pencils, including wood, metal, plastic, book pages, and more drawing basics tips.
How to Draw Flowers
Guide for drawing fine art flowers using a pen. The basics for drawing any flower, from easy to complex, with step-by-step instruction and examples.
Beginners guide to linear perspective drawing. Learn how to draw using vanishing points and pay attention to the horizon. Perspective drawing examples, in a realistic style, using pencils, with textures, including atmospheric perspective.
How to Draw & Texture a Ball
Spheres drawing guide, using graphite pencils, with many drawings and skething examples. Tennis ball, eight ball, and more.
Marker brands for drawing and painting. My recommended water-based and alcohol-based markers, with drawing examples.
How to draw round objects using foreshortened circles, meaning ellipses. Guide for drawing realism, using the power of perspective of cylindrical and round objects.
Review for Fine Liners Technical Pen, Drawing Examples, Staedtler, Pens & Pencils
Guide for pens for artists with drawing examples and tips. Recommended brands of technical pens for drawing and sketching.
Statistic, student works, and about Ran Art Blog, a website dedicated to teaching drawing and painting for fine art realism, with many drawings and paintings tutorials, tips and techniques.
Drawing & Painting Tutorials Faber Castell, Painting Tips, Featured Artist
Guide for learning to draw and paint in a realistic way, and create beautiful fine art artworks. For both beginners and advanced artists.
Guide for drawing any tree, using a pen. Realism basics for plants, grass, leaves, tree trunk and more, with many drawing and sketching examples, including with other drawing mediums.
Cute Cartoon Characters Drawing Gallery Disney Cartoon Characters, Drawing Cartoon Characters, Cute Cartoon Drawings, Comic Book Characters, Character Drawing, Mythological Characters
Comics & cartoon drawings, tutorials for drawing and painting, and fun facts.
Ball Drawing Guide Ball Drawing, Rembrandt Art, Ball Run
Guide for drawing a ball or a sphere in a realistic way, including shadows, lights, cast shadow, texture and more.
How to Draw Accurately from Observation Drawing Process, Pen Drawing, Drawing Tools, Cartoon Drawings
The techniques I use for drawing fan art, like comics and cartoon characters, from observation, including explanation on the attributes of colors.
How to Draw from Imagination Draw A Box, First Plane, Vanishing Point, Cylinder Shape
Understanding foreshortening, perspective, and the basic shapes, for drawing objects from imagination, and rendering them, for concept art and product design.
Flower Pen Drawing Guide Drawing Tips, Pen Brands, Flower Pens
Learn how to draw any flower, from simple to complex, using a pen and other mediums, and achieve realistic results.
My recommended marker brands for drawing and painting. Both water-based and alcohol-based markers, and drawing examples for each marker brand.
Realistic Texture Drawing Guide Types Of Pencils, Texture Drawing
Learn to draw realism using texture with graphite pencils. Many types of pencils, including wood, metal, plastic, and more.
Perspective Drawing Guide Types Of Perspective, Three Point Perspective, Graphite Drawings, Landscape Paintings, Landscapes
How to draw using linear and atmospheric perspective. Learn to draw structures, interior design, landscapes, roads, and more.
Recommended Drawing Pens Drawing Pro, Comic Drawing, House Drawing, Technical Drawing, Copic Multiliner
Guide and review for artist grade fine liners and technical pens for drawing and sketching.
Tree Drawing Guide Trees Art Drawing, Trees Drawing Tutorial, Tree Drawing Simple
Steps and fundamentals for drawing realistic trees using a pen, and other mediums. With some knowledge, and practice, you can draw your favorite tree.
Some statistics about Ran Art Blog, a website dedicated to teaching drawing and painting fundamentals, including student works, galleries, and much more.
Materials Guide & Review Drawing Supplies, Tombow, Erasers
Learn about my recommended drawing supplies and equipment, icluding drawing paper, pencils, erasers, and much more, including drawing examples.