I just love this gif of Niall Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Imagine that you and Niall were dating and you guys were at his brothers wedding. He was the best man and while he was standing up there he look around to find you. When he found you he did this *watch till the end* xd

This is great! Probably my favorite gif EVER! XD

When you wanna stand with Zayn Malik. Louis please never change <<< liam probably almost fell and was upset and apologized to everyone afterwards and then even made sure louis was ok

Person:"You cant like both 5sos and One Direction"

one day this year niall horan decided he wanted to look 20 years old and then he did it with VENGEANCE

(GIF) LOL Paul trying to take a ball away from Louis! Louis is such a little kid ❤

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One Direction Mashup (All Albums) - YouTube

Amazing mashup // sections of songs from X Factor and all albums