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Stages of wound healing | The Paleo Mom

Nutritional Support for Injury and Wound Healing ~ The Paleo Mom


This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before taking you step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.

Experiment: Monitor Your Heart Rate with the SpikerShield Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Cardiovascular effects. Atrial and ventricular systole and diastole associated with electrocardiographic waves.


girlinwhitecoat: One morning with arrhythmias and my heart starts missing a beat. Non-native speaker comment : Arrhythmia is a word with awful spelling.

Common blood pressure medications every nurse should know!

Common blood pressure medications every medical/dental student should know!

mynotes4usmle: nurse-on-duty: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Effects Have I told you how much I love your blog Nurse on Duty? Well now you know =)

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Effects. Good for andrenergic and cholinergic drug effects.

Common Nursing Mnemonics

Information for nursing students and new nurses from the former Dean of a nursing program in Texas with years of nursing experience


Funny pictures about They rule our lives. Oh, and cool pics about They rule our lives. Also, They rule our lives.

Unit Conversion

EMT and Paramedic Practice Tests-National Registry Test Prep!

Lab values courtesy of simple nursing.com

Exam Lab values to remember