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Floki is gifted craftsman whose designs for new, faster longships make Ragnar Lothbrok's desire to sail to the west possible. Floki is a good friend to Ragnar and also an eccentric and incorrigible trickster. He frequently entertains his friends with his antics, but he is also a devoted follower of the will of the gods, even considering offering himself up for sacrifice at one point.

Floki, 'Vikings' TV series I love that every photo of Floki/Gustaf is soo freakin good. Like you cant take a bad shot of him. Must be a family heritage. Just sayin.

King Ragnar

VIKINGS From the look, this may be Ragnar after the spear slices his belly open. I'm going to stay with that story because it means he lives. Of course he lives, Vikings, the show, wouldn't be the same without him.

Gyda Ragnar Daughter R.I.P.

♓★Lαɦjα σf ϯɦҽ Ɗʊɳҽɗαiɳ Character short storyline & traits +/- is an orphaned girl who knows her way through most parts of the forest. Axlαɳ has always been her guidance and mentor through the most important things in her life.