1996 vs 2016

1996 vs 2016

The world...

"The world without us." Oh, boo-hoo! Isn't that what environmentalists want? To be rid of horrible humans so Mother Earth can heal?

20 years want to feel good about myself. feeling healthy and wealthy

Tooth Decay May Prohibit Growth in Children. Tooth decay may be even worse than originally thought. A new study suggests that tooth decay may push back growth in children.

Sick to death of it

Smartphones rule our lives. We are but humble maids, bound by their ever-waning batteries and shoddy cell service. In denial about your

Less is all you need

live with less. realize less is more. it gives you a chance to appreciate the things you have. New motto in kindergarten.

Классная подборка веселых фото

Just because you cant see it doesnt mean its not there. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. We can't hide from His eyes

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**NEW POST** It's my fifth cup of coffee and I am stumbling amidst of sulking ideas and crumbled sheets of paper. Does this sound familiar? Have a look at this article by Lilly S. Mohsen to know what she does when suffers from a writer's block.