Raduš Lošáková

Raduš Lošáková

Raduš Lošáková
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Make this cute hot chocolate mugs using porcelain pens.

Porcelain Pen Painted Mugs.bake in the oven to set the paint.then they are dishwasher safe (unlike the sharpie pen decorated which aren't dishwasher safe).

DIY Sharpie Mug – Burlap and Babies

DIY Sharpie Mug Grab some plain mugs and a few Sharpies and get to work creating some custom gifts for the holidays. Add a gift card and you're all set!

Paper Airplane - Sharpie Mug Idea

Paper Airplane - Sharpie Mug Idea I want my wedding theme to be really sweet and I love the Disney short Paper Airplane, this would be a really cute way of incorporating it into the day, my morning coffee in it :)