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The Big Bang Theory

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every year, on this day, without fail

Ooh🔥 || It just hit me that the show is on hiatus :(

Sheldon: Ok, now I'm starting to sense a little tension.

I miss watching tbbt already🙁 Can't wait for the next season!

When you realise you're not as young anymore.. great scene @creagendow !

RAJ THOUGH😂🙌🏼 | some of the comments yall posted on the tshirt pic cracked me up, you can still get them on the link on my bio btw!☺️

Remember that time when Sheldon was excited to see his meemaw? :') - Many of you might realise i no longer post as much as i used to.. that's bc there's important things happening in my life right now which i need to prioritize😕 Will definitely return and be active again once i'm done with the matter and i hope you guys understand that☺️❤️ (thank you so much for following this fanpage though, 4 years and still running strong! — and yes i'm still a huge fan of bbt☺️)

Remember that one time sheldon wanted to experiment to determine at what concentration food starts tasting... mothy😂