Growing Stevia

Stevia - the sweet herb. Here's how it grows

How to grow and harvest stevia. Stevia is the , new sugar substitute as it doesn't affect blood sugar and it's not chemically produced. In fact, stevia is an herb you can grow in your own garden and then reap the rewards every fall

Stévie sladká a její pěstování

Stévie sladká a její pěstování



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Household Uses for Green Tea: Green tea has antibacterial properties and this means that the many health benefits that this beverage has to offer us as a drink can also be applied to a number of other.


turmeric and black pepper taken together are great for memory and best for the bioavailability and absorption of the benefits of turmeric

Čaj z květů černého bezu,Foto: ©

Čaj z květů černého bezu,Foto: ©

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Lemon Garlic Elixir - German Folk Remedy for Clogged Arteries and Heart Health. Garlic and lemon have different medical properties and they prevent different heart diseases. They are full with vitamins and minerals and very healthy.

Stévie sladká, Foto: ©

Stevia leaf is a delightfully healthy way to add sweetness to your meals without the use of sugar. Unlike other sweeteners, stevia is not a sugar at all, a

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