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creo que este es el nudo que se hace para amarrar los chinchorros

The Getaway Knot If you want to help your guide out, be confident enough to tie up your own mount. It doesn't sound like much until there's a game animal getting away and your guide has to deal with his horse, your hor

Anatomy of a Lumbar vertebrae

The main weight of the body is carried by the lumbar vertebral bodies and disks. The lamina, facets and spinous process are major parts of the posterior elements that help guide the movement of the vertebrae and protect the spinal nerves.

Thoracic Vertebrae - collar/handle for women?

Spinal nerve emerges above the seventh cervical vertebra; spinal nerve emerges below it. The subsequent spinal nerves all emerge below their corresponding vertebrae. Atypical thoracic vertebrae are and