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the corner of a building that is being constructed with metal bars and brackets on it
Fixations Isolant et bardage - Isolation Thermique par l'Extérieur - Simpson Strong-Tie®
an ad for shutters, exterior is shown on the phone screen and in front of a house
Family House in Všeradice / deyl-sestak-architects
the side of a building with some blue arrows pointing to different areas in front of it
Window replacement - GreenBuildingAdvisor
a close up of a clock on the side of a building with wood slats
Gallery of Energy Neutral Floating Villa ‘Haarlem Shuffle’ / vanOmmeren-architecten - 27
the house is made out of wood and white walls
Anbau - Hausanbau
an open patio area with wooden slats on the wall and tables in the foreground
houten gevelbekleding met hedendaagse detaillering
the side of a wooden building with windows
Thermo essen gevelbekleding
an outside view of a house with wooden sidings and glass doors on the front
Global Inspiration – Rooflights – Design | Install | Supply across Ireland
the side of a building with wooden slats on it
Gallery of School “la ruche” Perthes-en-Gâtinais / TRACKS - 8
there is a window on the side of a building that has wood slats in it
Moderne garage Heeze (NL) Gevelbekleding Afrormosia - Project gerealiseerd i.s.m. Houthandel Paulussen
the side of a wooden building next to a body of water
Gallery of Weekend House PS / hantabal architekti - 7
the corner of a wooden building with a blue door
Adlon Construction | Building & Design Services