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Hiking packing list for beginners who are starting to plan on doing day hikes regularly or on vacation. Hiking tips to consider when you’re out on hiking trails as your workout! There’s some essential hiking gear, whether it’s a short or long day hike, summer hiking in hot weather or winter hiking in cold weather! Travel tips for your next outdoor adventure vacation for your national parks trip or travel bucket list destination! Items for your day hike packing list or travel packing list.

Hiking tips so your day hike won’t leave you feeling miserable! Here’s a day hike packing list for beginners that includes essential hiking gear.

Doing this for my survival kit.

Tutorial for a Woven and Half-hitched Paracord Pouch - having a pouch like this would be a great add-on to an emergency kit in a backpack. It will hold small items, and unravels to be about 30 feet of paracord. Fun with paracord.