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HUSKEY 17  Versatile. its a shotgun, hunting rifle and a .22 all you need in the woods

HUSKEY 17 It is a shotgun, center fire rifle and a rim fire.

Wilson Combat 1911 -

For 105 years the 1911 has withstood the hands of time. It was used by the Military from 1911 to 1985 so it's proven combat effective. If you buy one with a forged slide that's been hand fitted, you will be very happy.


Kimber Tactical Entry II One of the nicest and coolest you'll ever find. Always love a kimber

This is one hell of a fine example as to why Colt remains one of the top dogs in the gun community! That engraving and those grips are insanely beautiful!

Colt 1911 - - -

I'm not a gun guy but damn! Weapon of United States Marine Corps once a marine always a marine oorah