Radana Holubová

Radana Holubová

°° Nepřemýšlej o tom, co si o Tobě myslí ostatní... Ti mají plnou hlavu toho co si o nich myslíš Ty :-* °°
Radana Holubová
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This picture shows color because there is many different colors surrounding the eye. The different colors create a different feeling. When I look at the blue and red its more sad but on the other side with the yellow its brighter and happier.

I have an obsession with eyes. I do believe that they are the windows to the soul. I draw eyes in a lot of my notebooks and on almost all of my school work. I find them so. I hope you like this awesome pic of a lot of this colorful eye :)

Soft looking tattoos - watercolor (no black lines) technique is amazing!  It is better than the traditional tattoo "look", but all this tattoo action still falls under my board "Stuff That Cracks Me Up!"  (This woman's back will look like melted crayons by the time she hits 70! LOL!)

Flower Tattoo - A lot of flower with variety color. It is very unique and good combine design. especially the color theme was pretty well matching with other flowers. the bright blue, red, white and yellow harmony so awesome. - I want Tattoo

34 cherry blossoms and lavender with colorful  leg tattoo - http://www.cuded.com/2014/01/50-incredible-leg-tattoos/

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