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hand gestures drawn in black and white on a white background with clippings to the left
Cartoon Hands Pack Lineart 3
an assortment of cartoon eyes with different shapes and sizes, all drawn in black ink
How to draw your own cartoon characters
the various eyes and eyebrows of an anime character, drawn in black ink on white paper
the facial expression reference sheet for an animation character
Facial Expressions and Silly Cartoon Faces Reference Sheet – How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials
an instruction manual for children's proportion and size instructions on how to measure the body
children’s proportions | Art Starts
how to draw the human body for kids with pictures and instructions on how to draw it
How Figure Drawing can help you fix most of the flaws in your art (+ Includes Free Worksheets!)
cartoon hair styles for kids to draw on the back of their head, with different hairs and
How to draw your own cartoon characters