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an image of a cartoon character holding his head in one hand and talking on the other
18 Emo Memes That Will Trigger Your Inner Sad Kid
the words can't you show me your true love? are surrounded by smiley faces
a small white bird standing on top of a wooden floor
he's lying to u girl
an image of some texting with different types of words on it, including one that says
a bug with two green faces and the words i think i have insects in my brain that make me make bad decisions
a heart shaped frame with a hand holding a piece of food in front of it and the words have a lovely day
have a lovely day
Cursed Shirts That Shouldn't Exist
Cursed Shirts That Shouldn't Exist
Funny Jokes, I Hate My Life, Shit Happens, Mood Quotes, Im Losing My Mind, Really Funny, How I Feel
Mentally I’m staring at the moon while it rains
Cali, Nature, People, Close Minded, Emotions, Person, Human
a girl making a heart with her hands and the words i love you written on it
dancing queen ꪵ
i love eyeliner pencils with the words i love you in black and white