Tomas Michalek - 3D printing

Tomas Michalek - 3D printing
3D printing enthusiast. @MakersLab co-founder. Check out my page with the latest videos
Tomas Michalek  - 3D printing
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"Running Lean" by @AshMaurya summarized on one page | Lean Startup |

"Running Lean" by summarized on one page

Light Sculpture Lamp

Bring the beauty and mystery of nature right into your home with this lovely light sculpture by two artists, Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. Forms in Nature is a chandelier that is reminiscent of a ball of tree branches.

3D printed pasta

I want this printer! printing expert Janne Kyttanen has produced prototype printed pasta, breakfast cereal and burgers to demonstrate how advances in printing could transform the way we eat (+ interview + slideshow).

3D printed speaker from Akemake. You can print one on your desktop 3D printer with wooden filament.

Akemake has this week unveiled a new printed speaker that they have created using a 100 percent natural wood filament called Timberfill that has been created by Fillamentum