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A Medieval Sword Late 14th/Early 15th Century  the fuller on one side with a latten-inlaid orb and cross mark, hilt comprising tapering quillons of rectangular section downcurved at the tips and with small triangular projection with medial ridge over each side of the blade, flat slightly tapering tang, and slightly compressed chamfered wheel pommel  81.3 cm. blade

A Medieval Sword Late Century the fuller on one side with a…

ROHAN, medieval sword forged, sharp replica

Forged sword with a sharp blade. The blade, pommel and guard are polished.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Sword

Geography: Made in Italy, Europe Date: c. wood replaced Dimensions: Length (overall): 40 inches cm) Blade: 3 x 31 inches x cm) Width (quillions): 10 inches cm) Diameter (pommel): 2 inches cm) Weight: 3 lb.