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Vargblod knew from the gulls that land was close. Gripping his spear and shield, he strode the deck of the mighty Dragonship.

True Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets.

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Mimir's not doing so well by snailspot on DeviantArt

Mimir's not doing so well by snailspot

Odin at Mimir's Well - The well of wisdom is located by the second root of the tree Yggdrasil in Jotunheim.

Odin giving his eye to drink from the well of knowledge, or the Well Of Mimir, with Mimir's head. When I read about this take in the Viking magazine I thought to myself "This story sounds similar 'Adam & Eve' Creation story".

Mimir Time | VoVatia

Mimir is the oracular giant-god in Norse mythology, god of oracles and prophecy. His name means “the rememberer” or “the wise one”.