интересная идея для шали / Вязание спицами / Вязание шали спицами

шали палантины шарфы

DIY Fashion Accessories - interesting idea for shawls / Knit / Crochet shawl spokes

Жакет спицами

Best West by DROPS Design A must-have as soon as the first cold days come ! Knitted DROPS jacket with lace pattern in ”Andes”.

Hand Knit women's cardigan women's jacket women hand knitted dress sweater wool women's clothing handmade turtleneck cashmere

Knitted Sweaters: Sweaters are an ideal option for cozy nights with college roommates or for a Bon – fire party in winters. It’s an adorable vintage style.

Розовый жакет на пуговицах, вязаный спицами

Розовый жакет на пуговицах, вязаный спицами


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