DIY: sweater embellishment...or on the back of a black sweatshirt with the wings done in all white?

Feather shirt = felt cut in desired shape and sewed to a shirt or sweatshirt - Le Bestiaire- I would do one of these but instead of on the front I would wings on the back. clothes-diy-clothes CREATE: T-SHIRT DIY MADNE

DIY T-Shirt update.

add bow to t-shirt sleeve. nice for those super-long t-shirt sleeves that don't fit well!

want to dress up a simple shirt like this

DIY- Bow back closure. Easy to do with a plain white t-shirt. Great idea for t shirts that have "shrunk".

According to her owner the adult cat had only given birth one day before she brought in the shivering and breathing squirrel which had no signs of a mother. She cares for the squirrel without a second thought. The Good Samaritan cat didn’t stop there, however, as she went out two days later she came back with another abandoned baby squirrel. Alongside her kittens she placed the second new adopted baby with the first. Animals are the best mothers! <3

mama cat adopts baby squirrel in addition to three of her own little cats Cats

'Thinking of you' journal cover idea! Lovely for a 'going away' gift!

I Miss You Card by Becky Williams using Jillibean Soup's Sweet & Sour Soup…

Professional airwalkers Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger playing tennis on the wing of a biplane in-flight, 1925.

airplane tennis flying circus plane sport playing photograph photography black and white vintage history

omit-needless-words: Astro Coffee, Corktown,...

The inspiring vibe from this woman is inevitable. Makes you wanna bake. Photo by Peter Baker (Astro Coffee, Corktown, Detroit).

great use of colour

Mini NY Style Cheesecakes & winner of the Delicious-In-Focus contest!