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I know this scene is tough and sad to watch, but Thor WAS trying to make a point by doing what he did. I hate that fans have taken this scene as a means to hate Thor's guts and call him a hypocrite. He really WAS trying to help and show Loki that people can change and be more, even Loki. Loki is hardheaded, and this was the only way Thor could get through to him. (I do think he overdid it by leaving Loki there, however. The lesson could have been learned without leaving him in this…

I feel that it’s so very wrong that Thor tries to punish Loki into doing what’s right and to change. The only thing both people and animals truly respond to is love.and what Thor did to Loki IS NOT LOVE‼️

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The rescue by ~YuriOokino on deviantART this was supposed to be funny. I realize this. But, even though its just a drawing and probably not cannon, the fact that Sherlock refuses to think that John is the one injured warms my heart.

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He's actually holding the tessaract. The infinity stone is inside of the teseract. Its practecally like just holding the orbe or the septer. Hes holding the vesel which contains the stone;