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a diagram showing the different types of water sources and their locations in which they are located
Sustainable Tourism ecotourism
four different colored trash cans with the words plastic on them
China Waste Bin Manufacturer, Trash Bin, Stainless Steel Waste Bin Supplier - Guangzhou Max Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Customized Public Stainless Steel 3 Container Storage Waste Separation Trash Bin
an artist's rendering of a bench with plants and potted plants on it
Community Development Grants | Foundation Funding | Government Funding
banca Más
a woman sitting on a wooden bench in the middle of a courtyard next to a building
The People’s Bench — 坐人
The People’s Bench (坐人) is a public furniture using salvaged wood from Singapore’s national parks.Inspired by Confucianism and its teachings on bettering oneself, the bench is based on the Chinese character “人” for people to sit back in a reclined posit…
there are many wooden benches on the ground
P R O A P - Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda:
a bench made out of bricks sitting on gravel
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brick furniture - Google Search
a concrete bench with a plant in it
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bench with planter - Google Search
two chairs made out of bricks sitting on a wooden platform in front of some bushes
Peter Lange Creates Trompe L’oeil Brick Sculpture
Peter Lange's Brick Wiggle Chair (Image from Masterworks Gallery)
four wire sculptures with succulents and plants in them, each holding a rock
Creative Wrought Iron Candle Holder Little Iron Man Romantic wedding Candlestick
a very large table made out of logs in a room with concrete floors and walls
thecoolhunter on Twitter
a cobblestone walkway with curves in black and white
Josef Hoflehner - Landscape & Fine Art Photographer | DPC | Digital Photography Courses
Senado Square 2 by Josef Hoflehner
two black benches sitting on top of a cobblestone floor next to each other
PLEGarte by Ferran Bruguera
a red and grey tiled sidewalk with trees in the background
Sealcoating Parking Lot Atlanta GA
precast concrete pavers