An adorable pumpkin fairy house! Use a pumpkin, natural elements such as twigs and wood, and moss and silk flowers to create a fall themed fairy garden.

Pumpkin Fairy House: a pumpkin house for fairies!

This might be great for Daphne in a few years. I think I would use a nice foam/plastic pumpkin from the craft store though so that it would keep longer for her.

Little Pumpkin baby shower | BabyCentre Blog

Gourd Candle Holders - Carve out one inch wide circles in the mini gourds or pumpkins using a knife and then scoop out some of the insides with a tablespoon. Insert candles or tea lights and voila! The perfect fall table decor!

22279939_1820927941270137_4568151565640043683_n.jpg (416×416)

22279939_1820927941270137_4568151565640043683_n.jpg (416×416)