Holding Back Those Tears

Strangled by the wishes of pater, Hoping for the arms of mater, Get to me the sooner or later, Holding back the tears . .
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Birds Also Have a Brain and Feelings


Awarding winning photo, (vulture awaiting child's death from famine) but rules were photographer could not months later committed suicide from guilt.

Sad Dog Stories, Dragons, Cry, Train Your Dragon, Kite, Dragon

Even Death Will Not Do Us Apart: An embracing couple found in the rubble of a collapsed factory in Bangladesh.

Two victims of the tragedy in Bangladesh gave each other a last hugh before they died trapped under the collapsed building.

When people come close to death, they sometimes develop seemingly superhuman powers. You often hear about accident victims who were able to find the strength to get to the hospital or hostages that managed to take down their captors by themselves.

Do you know that children are been tortured and violently harmed in your communities? Act now, support this cause in Uganda