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I Hate It When People Say They're Still Your Family Just Because Someone Is Vour Family Doesn't Mean Vou Have to Keep Them in Vour Life if They're Toxic Blood Means Nothing People Guilt You Into Being Who Isn't Good for Your Sometimes Don't Let in Contact With Someone Mental Health LifeLearnedFeclings <3 | Family Meme on ME.ME
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To the Addict Who Still Suffers We Have Never Met Before Recovery Is Possible I Do Not Know Your Name Reach Out for Help Please but I Carry You Inside My Heart This Addiction That Is Killing Your All Your Hurt Your Tears and Shame Is a Treatable Disease There Is Greatness Inside of You I Weep for You Each Time You Put That Needle in Your Arm Beyond What You May See Loved Valued and Cherished or Bring That Bottle to Your Lips and Cause Your Body Harm These Things You Are to Me Instead of How Much Do You Use So When You Think You're All Alone the Real Question We Should Ask and Feel You've Lost Your Way Is What Hurts You So Deeply Remember There Is Hope for You What Is This Pain You Try to Mask? I Pray for You Each Day by Lauren Davis | Bodies Meme on ME.ME
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relationship things
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20 of the Absolute Best Addiction Recovery Quotes of All Time - 10th to 6th