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Patelova Marketa, Prague 6 apartment

9 Piny17 fanoušků
Interior Design by Patelova Marketa

master bedroom - bespoke sliding door wardrobes, side tables Small Ghost Buster by Kartell -, print You made Me by Supermundane -

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master bedroom - bespoke mantel piece with the print Geek Squeak by Supermundane

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master bedroom with bespoke stained glass windows, antique tailor mannequin, rope stools found in old library and printed canvas by Ester Havlova -

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bespoke kitchen by carpenter Roman Bursicek - with granite worktop

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bathroom with curved wall and arched ceiling

newly created space for bathroom with original arch - perfect place to use mosaic tiles to create spa like sanctury

Mini design studio workplace with amazing picture of Flamenco by Weasel and Stout from Ireland -, and cool print Ice Cream by Emmeselle from Norway - www.

beautiful painting of Figs by Suzanne Roles,

complete refurbishment and design by Patelova Marketa

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