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The Complete Beginner's Guide To Bo Staff | BlackBeltAtHome

Want to learn bo staff? Learn all bo staff basics, bo strikes, stances, what size bo to use, and what bo to purchase. Any bo staff beginner will learn and train

Fix Hip Pain: Hip Mobility & Strengthening Exercises

Fix Hip Pain: Hip Mobility & Strengthening Exercises

Kung Fu Sword Training Fundamentals - Continuous Slicing Drill - YouTube

Here is a basic drill in which we employ one single technique, a horizontal slash, and perform it continuously.

Kung Fu Sword Training Basic Drill - Back Scratchers - YouTube

This is a simple drill, I like to use as a warm up to prepare the shoulder for many of the sword techniques in Choy Li Fut which involve the sword traveling .

Kung Fu - Sword Spinning Tutorial - Reverse Flower - YouTube

Here's the second fundamental flower or technique for sword spinning in Chinese Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Sword Spinning Application - YouTube

In this video we will explore the different applications of the flowering or sword spinning technique. Often confused as a continuous spinning attack, the mo.

Kung Fu Single Hand Staff Spinning - YouTube

Here's a tutorial for spinning the staff in one hand. This is exactly the same technique as upward spinning with a sword, or as demonstrated, the short stick.

Advanced Staff Spinning Combination - YouTube

Here's a combination of a handful of staff spinning techniques.

Single Hand Reverse Staff Spinning Tutorial - YouTube

Here's the tutorial on the reverse flower for kung fu staff. The technique is essentially the same for broadsword except the armpit is used as a fulcrum for .