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MOSCOW / The russian tasars' dashing soldiers, also known as hussars, had a habit to get ready for battle peculiar to their group: They polished their boots, belts and saddles with fragrant birch resin. As they moved from place to place, they spread therefore a characteristic smell, many times fantasized about... This smell has also turned into a source of inspiration for perfumers. In this candle, leather notes are surrounded by saffron flower, black suede and precious woods ...

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AMALFI / The Amalfi coast is lined with arid cliffs, the blue sea and a tree: The fig tree, heavy with softy and juicy fruits. The sweet, slightly milky and green scent of fig intertwines with that of the tree leaves and surrounding vegetation. The citrus flowe top notes swirl over a heart of fresh fig and rockrose before melting into dry fig and laurel tree notes. The mediterranean spirit in a candle...

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CASABLANCA / North africa, the land of citrus fruits, is home to the bitter orange tree. Its fragile flowe yuelds neroli essence whose scent is, paradoxically, both powerful and delicate. Mandarin orange and bitter orange sparkle in the candel's top notes against a heart of neroli and sambac jasmine, accentuating the opulence of white flowers over a base of patchouli, amber and vanilla. A sunny fragrance infused with luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

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ASPEN / A ring of snowy peaks, winter sports, luxury chalet... This is what aspen is associated with, as well as its forest of fir trees. Hower, aspen is named after the aspen, an extraordinary tree which resists fire better than other species. But in aspen, who could resist the appeal of a crackling chimney fire while snow is falling outside? The exhalations of cardamom, eucalyptus, cypress and cedarwood carry one's nose in the sweet torpor of a winter's evening.