Water Pollution

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Why are people eating their own trash? [Infographic] The ocean food web is contaminated by trash and garbage, and it's ending up in our diets.

People Are Rising to the #Trashtag Challenge

The viral #trashtag challenge inspires people to clean up parks, beaches and roadways and post photos on social media.

Information about environment pollution essay Environmental Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment. The major types of environmental pollution are air pollution, water.

Impact of Vegetable Oil Spills

PCB (Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl) Pollution

PCB (Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl) Pollution

PJTV - Fantasy Island: Scientist Slashes His Estimate of Ocean's Plastic.garbage in, garbage out.

Huge Plastic Garbage Patch Found in Atlantic Ocean

What is Water Pollution? The Sources and Impacts of Water Pollution

Marine Debris: Biodiversity Impacts & Potential Solutions

10 Million Tons of Chemical Fertilizer Discharged into China’s Water Every Year - Modern

Think China’s Air is polluted?… Check out the Lakes.

Water pollution is a major issue across the globe. Everywhere we go our water is plagued by this problem. Water pollution does not only make water undrinkable it also effects the habitat and ecosystem based around that area.

Water Pollution Linked to Decline in Male Fertility

Toxic Waste from e-waste Recycling Yards

Toxic Waste from e-waste Recycling Yards

Research flags devastating climate change impacts on Barrier Reef: "A new study examining the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef shows corals could start dissolving into the ocean within 100 years if nothing is done.

Great Barrier Reef to be Placed on “World Heritage in Danger” List?

Oil Spills: Impact on the Ocean - sea, effects, temperature .

Oil Spills: Impact on the Ocean

BP whistleblower: oil clean-up effort is in disarray

Sticky Situation – Vacuum Hose to Clean Up Beach

Humans are so Disgusting. Look at all this Waste!

Humans are so Disgusting. Look at all this Waste!

Acid Rain Effects

Acid Rain Effects