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a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her head in her hands, next to a black cat
Juxtapoz Magazine - The Works of Julianna Brion
an image of a painting with horses on it's back and blue, yellow, red, and white colors
Léon Bakst - Étude de Motif (No.2) (1924) [1440 × 2037]
Leon Bakst - Etude de Motif (No.2) (1924) [1440 2037]
a black and white drawing of a man's head with his eyes closed, looking to the left
Guy Denning
Guy Denning
a black and white drawing of a cat
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Paintings and Drawings Charcoal on Paper
a pencil drawing of a woman's face
Character Design References • Casey Baugh
an empty room with two beds and a door leading to another room in the corner
Antonio López García
Antonio Lopez Garcia, Room in Tomelloso 1972, pencil
a black and white drawing of a woman in striped stockings
cross contour
a drawing of two men sitting on a bench next to a brick wall and another man holding a child
I am a dreamer
Henry Moore, Family Group, 1944 From the National Galleries of Scotland:
a drawing of a refrigerator with writing on it
what's new pussycat?
journal inspiration fridge with colourful magnets from all around the world
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a chair with his hands in his pockets
Alphonse Mucha - Wikipedia
A study of a man sitting. 1891. Alfons Mucha
an old photo of a man with a beard
Inner Optics
Vladas Orze
an old black and white drawing of people's feet with shoes hanging from them
WEN Blog
It’s a Small World by Leo Meissner, wood engraving, 1930
a pencil drawing of a woman's head with long hair and wearing a scarf
David Malan drawings