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Erwin Rommel: Famous Hitler's general during World War II by Peter Black

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Benito Mussolini: They hanged him by his feet at a gas station. Mussolini's death scared Hitler by Peter Black

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200 Years Of American Terror: List of US Armed Interventions, war crimes, and terror by Jason Gilmore

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Hermann Göring: Reich Marshal, commander in chief & World War II criminal by Peter Black

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Attack on Moscow (Operation Typhoon): Battle of Moscow during World War II by Thomas Grave

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Battle of Pearl Harbor: Famous battles of World War II - True story of Pearl Harbor attack by Jack Platt

Unknown Facts Of World War II: Astonishing Facts You Didn't Know About World War II by Brian Stuart

Killing Adolf Hitler: All assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler by Jack Platt

History of World War II: Complete History Of Second World War by Hanz Fegenalger Jr.

Complete History of Holocaust: Holocaust - Worst Crime in History of World War II by Brian Moore