Ondřej Plášil

Ondřej Plášil

Czech republic, Pelhřimov / Beginning but enthusiastic slackliner who love fun, design, web and everything what is beauty...
Ondřej Plášil
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paperiaarre | ontto harmaa – in the end it all worked out for the best | http://www.paperiaarre.com

Designer binding by Kaija Rantakari, A variation of the sewn boards binding with typewritten binary code linen covers and pink leather spine lining. The book Ontto harmaa is a Finnish poetry book by Olli-Pekka Tennilä.

paperiaarre | sewn boards binding – linen variations | http://www.paperiaarre.com

Handbound notebooks with linen covers and gold details. The books are bound using the sewn boards binding technique that results in lovely flexible covers.

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