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Levi Ackerman  Cosplayer: Yuegene Fay

Aoi Cosplay (●ω●) ♪


Looking for information on the anime or manga character Rayne? On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry.

cool anime girl

This is how I want to look like if I were to be an anime girl XD. Lol love her pink hair ♡ -RV<<<<She's a vocaliod and her name is Megurine Luka-CD

Flippy from Happy Tree Friends    A creepy little soldier kid

flippy anime happy tree friends by Battagua on DeviantArt

The Sound and Fury

The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner, 1929


Izaya let Shizuo love you please! You will make me, Erika and all the Shizaya fangirls happy.


Shizuo x Izaya I love this comic xD

Erika ships Izaya x Shizuo. XD ME TOO!!! <<<that moment she fangirled and said "Shizuo totally has the hots for izaya"

Erika is all the Shizaya Shippers


Shizuo likes to kiss Izaya when he's done smoking = fact


Heiwajima Shizuo x Orihara Izaya -- The name Shizaya has caught my attention lately, so naturally, I investigated.I only watched a short scene on YT, but - I ship them! :D<<one pic on pin an I was gone 😢