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Or your wife, whos also your best friends daughter. Who is named after your best friends best friend from high school.

matt and david on graham norton. red chair with matt's look alike named. Saw this episode. SO FUNNY. Davids face, oh my god

I love this so much

Doctor Who characters as associated with the twelve common character archetypes. (Pinning for the archetypes. Cesonia is The Lover; Jordan is The Caregiver; Susan is (possibly) The Innocent.

I had to pin this bc they used the episode where the shapeshifter, disguised as Barry, kissed Caitlyn  someone’s shipping Barry and Caitlyn

The Flash. Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow~~~I don't ship Snowbarry anymore, but this is cool

Is that a untouched timeline No Barry no!/Is that an untouched timeline No Barry no!

Credit goes to Barry and his timelines Man he looks good in a sailor hat XD