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lanimalu: A friend and I were talking about the anvil-scene at the beginning of The Hobbit. We’re a bit disappointed that Thorin’s wearing a shirt there. He’s shirtless in the art design book.

Thorin Oakenshield

I don't think he ever takes a bad photo.the Gorgeous King Thorin, King under the Mountain♡

Young Prince Thorin ~ I see fire by brilcrist

brilcrist: “ Lyrics from: I See Fire by: Ed Sheeran i’m still in my artblock therapy and just realized that i forgot to paint Young Thorin’s Beard. Otherwise, Enjoy~ ” i already watch The Hobbit 6 times in the row but still have so many.

I'm pretty sure Gretchen took this and sent it from Middle Earth to make us drool.

thorinoakenshieldconfessions: “ ““Come…closer.” ” Thank you x-Celebril-x for my rather beautiful commission piece.