Steampunk chessboard

Szachy w stylu Steampunk.

steampunk gun

Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol

Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol----even cooler than the ones carried by Warehouse agents!

Octopus art

Adam Wallacavage, Octopus Chandelier - Studio All Day

The awesome spare-parts sculpture of Edouard Martinet

The awesome spare-parts sculpture of Edouard Martinet

Wasp, by Edouard Martinet Abdomen : steel tips for boots, bike headlights Thorax and head : steel tips and bells from bikes and typewriters Eyes : vintage watch case Antennae : spectacles arms Legs : bike brakes , bike chain , spoon handles Wings : glass

'Colorful Bird on Wheels' #BD76 by Florida-based Jim Mullan of Mullanium. Handcrafted from found objects. So very engaging! 5 1/2 H X 5 1/4 L. via Mullanium by Jim and Tori

Jim Mullan Bird Sculpture - At Phoenix Gallery

handmade horned canister steampunk tesla edison lamp light gift dimmer

handmade horned canister steampunk tesla edison lamp light gift dimmer So cool!

Steampunk Incubator, Raphael Jean

Image Steampunk Incubator, Raphael Jean in Steampunk Style album

NY Artist Art Donovan #Steampunk #Xerposa.

Lighting Designer Art Donovan creates Steampunk-style artwork with repurposed materials. Donovan has published an Art of Steampunk book and a museum exhibition.

Steampunk Gun Nerf Sledgefire Victorian Gothic Cosplay Painted Prop

Save those thumbs

ʂŧɘąɱ ~ Steampunk Toybox ~ Steampunk Flux capacitor by Zackary

Steampunk Tendencies | fully functional steampunk workstation... with keyboard, mouse, screen, plasma bulbs, lamps, webcam, nixie clock and various other gadgets by Steampunk Steampunker Clockworker

Fully Functional Steampunk Computer Made From Old Materials

steampunk bedroom ideas #steampunk (bedroom ideas) Tags: steampunk bedroom decor, steampunk bedroom diy

15 Steampunk Bedroom Decorating Ideas for your Home

Steampunk orrery with 9 planetary bodies

Cogpunk Steamscribe | One writer's journey into the world of Steampunk

I made this for this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair which just passed in May. I also made a Steampunk rifle which I will be writing about in a separate post. So I got the idea for this backpack a wh…

Steampunk rhino

Mechanical Rhinoceros Steampunk Tendencies Official Group (Do they make heffelumps?

Железный дровосек | VK

Железный дровосек | VK