How to use a sock to get beautiful curly hair without heat

sock bun and sock bun curl tutorial. When I hae long hair I use the sock bun for work (must be in uniform) and then the curls for the evening ;

Braid Headband

Over 17022 people liked this! Tutorial : Braid Hair into a Head Band hair hairstyle hairdo braid braided headband tutorial

So sweet...and kinda victorian

Hair, DIY classroom is like a three roses ~ ~ bring hair decorated with the taste of the French Palace of Versailles, the century Rococo

Blue roses and thorns gown

Game of Thrones Dress-stunning dress, the subtle leaf motif in the fabric, love the twisted branch/vines and clothe flowers and leaves

necklace lengths {very helpful!}

Useful - As much as I like necklaces, this is a handy-dandy tool: Necklace Lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

The Freckled Fox : Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial #7: The Twisted Sidebun

The Freckled Fox : Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial The Twisted Sidebun - easy bridesmaid hair

Sending this to my friend who is having a 1930s themed wedding this year!

"It Is My Own Invention" Elizabeth Hawes fall/winter 1937 Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB: 67 in.

Wanted some biker boots I could steampunk up

My brown booties are Guess and they have brown sweater like "socks" built in.

Hair Chalking Dark Hair- might try this for DragonCon

Hair Chalking Tutorial

Never really got over my first crush. David Bowie in tight pants

David Bowie - You remind me of the babe. What babe? Babe with the power. What power? Power of voodoo. Remind me of the babe. LOL I loved this movie