Koot Kittehs

Images of the feline purrsuasion that amuse me...
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Little pink beans...

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What a precious mixed kitty. She is a Chimera like another lady kitty she very much resembles. Our beloved Venus whom most of us have seen.

Adorable kitten

We would Love to give foster kitten Daffodil a forever home! - Your Cats – July 2017

Little spot of fuzz

Although shes an absolute terror, you cant help but smile at her cute lil face : aww

Norwegian forest/main coon viking cat - Imgur

Norwegian forest/main coon viking cat

wow ... what a busy tail!

Plumetail of Skyclan, former kittypet. Was arrogant and selfish but now a brave and loyal warrior of Skyclan

The sweetest face

Tuxedo Cat Facts and personality. Tuxedo cats are very friendly in nature and also extremely active.