Something for Halloween

Make your own BB-8 Pumpkin

Felicia Day rocks it out. A 'it gets better' for geeks and all those that have felt on the outside of cool

The Guild: I’m the One That’s Cool Directed by Jed Whedon, Co-Written By Jed Whedon & Felicia Day

Cupcakes made to resemble all the different dwarves (and a wizard and a hobbit) from the movie.

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Cupcakes on Global Geek News. For Balone's birthday

Metropolis...woman in a robot. Enough said :)

Maria, from Fritz Lang's silent film "Metropolis. A miniature Maria can be seen at Shelburne Museum's exhibition, Time Travel: Rockets, Robots, and Steampunk

Suddenly more interested in seeing the Hobbit (not that I wasn't before...)

Richard Armitage Talks The Hobbit. Richard Armitage talks dwarf humor, playing Thorin Oakenshield, script changes, and more on the set of The Hobbit.

Horrible Histories - RAF Pilots Song    Awesome, finally a boy band I like!

Horrible Histories - RAF Pilots Song Awesome, finally a boy band I like!

For anyone who has ever seen the movie In Bruges...effin Bruges!!  Click through to see the whole gif in action

In his ongoing Flux Machine project, artist Kevin Weir turns archival photographs from the Library of Congress into wonderfully bizarre animated GIFs.

Oh so catchy!

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the Golden Age of gaming back in the early Clisair has been at it for since the Yes, we are geeky gamers. In fact, we met in 1989 at a gaming store in Orlando.