love the coloration of this guy

Beast Inspiration: This dragon would be a large, powerful one but not necessarily aggressive.

Lands far away!

bird castle cloud clouds creature fantasy highres mountain original scenery sky tree ucchiey on Safebooru - Anime picture search engine Is uccley the artist?

War boar!

Orc/Half-Orc Ranger Beast Master with boar and light armor/hide

***Big Secret Place; Sтαя★™

Forest digital fantasy illustration created in Photoshop by concept artist paperblue (Jae Cheol Park) of Songnam, South Korea

ArtStation - Black Guard of Morr, Riccardo Moscatello

Black Guard of Morr by RadialArt on DeviantArt. Knightly order of the Empire from Warhammer Fantasy. Devoted to the god of the dead, they are usually deployed during crusades against the Vampire Counts.

All-Consuming Fire by Rhos

Discover the art of Lindsey Burcar - Freelance illustrator. View art, buy prints, learn about the artist, contact the artist or check the latest news.

*DRAGON ~ Ancient creatures are living threads which connects us to our planets distant past

Femireth Lephistia Merlin's rendition of the Guardian White dragon, 2013 Zodiac Dragon . Virgo by =The-SixthLeafClover on deviantART

Dwarf Blacksmith by *michelefrigo

This character is born from my old rpg character. © Work by Michele Frigo on Character Design, Digital Art, Illustration