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If you've ever wished your house would automatically clean itself, so you could get a little free time — you're not alone. An industrial-design student in Colombia has conceptualized an automated cleaning system in which flying robots would do all the dirty work.

Fancy coming home to find a swarm of flying mini robots doing your cleaning? That's the futuristic picture of domestic bliss envisioned by young Colombian designer Adrian Perez Zapata, whose "Mab" has won this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition.

GE imagines what our homes will be like in 2025

A powerful window grilling unit that uses advanced mechanisms to draw smoke out of the living space.

Oasis 700-SSL Luxury Rain Shower Head

Bio bidet offers complete line of bidet attachments from basic to one of the most sophisticated advanced bidet toilet seat, attachments, and sprayers

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MAR by on @deviantART

Yet another corporate logo. MAR - Modern Alpine Recreation, Co. - is a fictional outdoor-equipment manufacturer that I whipped up for my MAR Masak.

Staken Synergetics by on @deviantART

The product of a lazy, boring Friday evening - another evil corporation.