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She-Hulk by Elizabeth Torque.

Art by the amazing Elizabeth Torque This is my commission from her. I just adore Elizabeth Torque. Her work is simply amazing, and she's re. She-Hulk 3 by torqueartstudio

Flash Gordon by Alex Ross

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The Flash by Milan Tofel - I'm sorry but this is the scariest Flash I've ever see - and what's with his legs and feet looking larger than anything else? Just weird,....

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Flash, by Memed. Nice. I really like the Flash. He really has some  awesome aspects that are overlooked. I feel like he moves so fast he lives in a different reality from the rest of us.

In this post I will be featuring The Flash as the ninth installment of my comic book inspired artwork. The Flash is one of DC Comics' superheros.

the flash (bartholomew henry 'barry' allen)

The Flash (Bartholomew Henry 'Barry' Allen). His ability to use his speed to pass through walls is an amazing utilization of his speed powers.