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Fucken piece of shit << WTF is wrong w people like this! You're job is to protect and serve, not rape and destroy. Intersectional Feminism, Patriarchy, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Social Justice, Human Rights, Science, In This World


They didn't fucking "search her vagina after smelling weed" put it how it is, they fucking raped her >> WTF "searched her vagina?

one of these things is not like the other and should be accounted for

That's all the cops have to say. "I feared for my life" yeah right. Gtfoh Afrikans aren't the only one police are killing! Police, Sierra Leone, Social Issues, Cops, Social Justice, In This World, Equality, Knowledge, Shit Happens

That's all the cops have to say.. "I feared for my life" yeah right... Gtfoh

Click the image Medical Examiner’s Report: Police Electrocuted Man to Death as He Screamed, “They’re Going to Kill Me”

This is so sad. More proof that to many in society and our racist justice system that black lives don't matter.

Warrants: Federal investigators seized cellphones, computers and electronics belonging to Brian (left) and Branden (right) Bell and their parents as part of an investigation into the death of Kendrick Johnson

And let's just mention how the authorities (school, police, etc) tried to sell this as a SUICIDE and refused to pursue an investigation for--how long? The family had to seek justice through legal means and public pleas. Disgusting.

What uneducated people think is true.SMH My reply to the above 'only the people who are not

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 and it couldn't be the crime rates 'dropped' because no one was reporting any crimes.

We have got to get this under control now before more die like this.

9 Stupid Things that Cops, Nurses, Lawyers and Friends Should Never Say to Rape Survivors - But, Alas, Have Project Unbreakable, Reading Meme, Youre Doing It Wrong, Protest Signs, Anti Racism, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, Women In History, Stupid Things

9 Stupid Things that Cops, Nurses, Lawyers and Friends Should Never Say to Rape Survivors — But, Alas, Have

A handy meme guide, with photos from Project Unbreakable, about what not to say. Launched in October 2011 by then-19-year-old Grace Brown, Project Unbreakable uses art to increase awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault and encourages the act of healing.Want a quick, nine-step tutorial on what not to say to a survivor? Lucky for you, we created this handy list — based on photographs from sexual assault survivors sent in to the Project Unbreakable Tumblr blog — in easy-to-read meme…

"So cops now have body cams to defend their side of an incident. But when the video conflicts with their story; the higher ups say the video doesn't show the facts. That's pretzel logic at its finest." How is that justice?

Texas Cop Kills Pit Bull

A police officer in Cleburne, Texas has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into his fatal shooting of a pit...

Cops are now required to wear camera on their vest because society could twist the words and actions of police officers. Also it could minimize the excessive force that are being used while a cop is on duty, and make society feel somewhat safe.

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“Officer of the Year” Admits to Raping 20 Male Immigrants, Not Charged as Sex Offender. A despicable case out of Florida shows us that Blue privilege even applies to serial rapist cops who use their badge and gun to coerce the weak.

'Officer of the Year' Rapes 20 Illegal Immigrants | Urban Intellectuals

34-year-old Jonathan Bleiweiss, a former deputy officer of Broward County, Florida has recently been sentenced to 5 years in jail concluding an extensive 6 year investigation regarding 20 rape allegations. The victims were all identified as illegal immigrants, whom Bleiwess sexually harassed while frisking and forced to perform sexual acts with the threat of deportation upon refusal. According to public […]

Former police officer charged with murdering a prostitute 30 years ago, after DNA match found from investigation into his alleged sexual assault of family member

Former police officer arrested for murdering a prostitute 30 years ago

Richard Aguirre, 51, of Pasco, Washington, has been arrested on charges of murder after DNA from an alleged sexual assault matched that from the murder of prostitute Ruby Doss in 1986.

“There is no honor in police brutality. Police Corruption, Tell The Truth, Learn To Read, Cops, To Tell, Fun Facts, Real Life, Politics, Motivation

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“There is no honor in police brutality. None”