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ThermoPower VTS 15 Tube / 40G Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Kit With Heat Pipes

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With over 1,000 systems sold and installed nationwide, the VTS series integrated solar hot water collector is proven and cost effective. Heat hot water for a home with up to five people. Easy to install, no moving parts to maintain or fail. No electrical wiring required. Integrated hot water tank (40 gallon) No electrical wiring or controller Easy to maintain Suitable for all climates 10 year warranty Suitable for up to 2 people Easy to install on all roof types. If mounting to a tile roof, please check out SunMaxx Solar's website for specific mounting attachments. No electrical wiring required. Easy to install. Safe, and produces a lot of hot water. Our DIY residential solar hot water systems are complete packages that are ready to install and provide affordable, efficient solar hot water in warmer climates where cold days are few and far-between. Each system includes a heating tank and high-efficiency solar collector integrated together for simplicity and affordability. This model integrates: 40G outdoor rated solar hot water storage tank 15 tube ThermoPower evacuated tube solar collector By preheating your hot water with our ThermoPower residential solar hot water kit, you will dramatically reduce your energy costs for water heating, which, for the average household, translates to a savings of hundreds of dollars every single year. Each VTS system is designed to deliver up to 80 gallons of hot water per day depending on the weather. Northeast : 20-40 gallons of hot water per day (depending on time of year) Northwest : 20-40 gallons of hot water per day (depending on time of year) Southwest : 30-50 gallons of hot water per day (depending on time of year) Southeast : 30-50 gallons of hot water per day (depending on time of year) Each unit includes a 15 degree mounting tilt frame which can be attached to different roof materials (or ground mount) according to the customers requirement. SunMaxx Solar also offers a selection of certified mounting attachments depending on your location and roof type. Can I self install? yes, you can self install with basic construction and plumbing experience. We recommend reviewing the installation manual for safety and best practices from SunMaxx Solar. How long will it take to install? An experienced team of two installers can install our systems in 4 hours on a tile or asphalt roof. How does it work? Through natural convection hot water rises and cold water sinks. This principal explains the basic operation of a Thermosyphon System. Cold water sinks from the storage tank (header) into the evacuated tubes. While in the tubes the cold water is heated. As the water heats it rises back up into the header. Throughout the day all of the cold water within the Thermosyphon System will be heated in this way. View VTS Datasheet Yes, the hot water collector can work in freezing conditions. We recommend making sure the water pipes connecting to the collector are properly insulated in situations where you have consistent freezing. The evacuated tubes will last for 10+ years depending on the water quality. The glass is easy to replace. We recommend purchasing a box of 10 glass tubes (extra), in the event one of your tubes is damage. You don't need to drain the system when the glass is replaced.
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