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Replica Springtime in a Park eau de toilette

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"Replica Springtime in a Park eau de toilette captures the delicate and luminous memory of blooming blossoms. The gentle light and fresh floral atmosphere of a romantic spring afternoon in the park with blossoms appearing everywhere, beckoning the call of nature. The scent of flowers in full bloom is recreated by the Maison with jasmine and lily of the valley accord, and the joyful springtime sensation is recreated by pear accord lending a floral, fruity touch. Size 100ml.
The Replica collection assembles iconoclast fragrances that have the universal power to trigger personally cherished moments. True to its ‘creative collective’ approach, Maison Margiela collaborates with the best perfumers, chosen for their genuine connection with the memory, stimulated by the artistic performance of composing a fragrance as
a universal invitation to awaken, celebrate and share unforgettable feelings and emotions. In line with the Maison’s minimalistic approach, the Replica bottle is simple yet sophisticated. A cotton label, resembling the tags used on clothing and accessories for the Replica fashion collection, identifies each fragrance."