Excerpt from a book Align With Soul by author Phoebe Garnsworthy

What makes me happy?
What activities bring me joy?
What environment do I feel good in? 

What kind of people do I love being around?

This is the first step in learning how to recharge your energy, by doing the things that you love! Feelings, Are You Happy, Do You Feel, Life Purpose, Fulfilling Life, Spiritual Life, Make Me Happy, Finding Yourself, What Makes You Happy

Key to recharging your energy

🌈✨ Explore the key to recharging your energy: What makes you happy? What activities bring you joy? In what environment do you feel your best, and who are the people you love being around? 🤔💖 Take the first step in self-discovery and energy renewal by indulging in the things you love! From my book Align with Soul. Available worldwide through the link. #SelfDiscovery #JoyfulActivities #EnergyRecharge
Phoebe Garnsworthy


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