Игрушки из носков - КРОЛИКИ. Мастер-класс - Handmade-Paradise

Игрушки из носков

Toys from socks - RABBITS. A master class - Handmade-Paradise

Ella, the sock elephant, free pattern & tutorial

Sock Elephant - Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

20  Amazing DIY Gifts That are Perfect for Little Girls

20+ Amazing DIY Gifts That are Perfect for Little Girls

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More of the tiny Sock Dolls. Cute details added to sock making clothes look real

Glove Monsters - looks easy enough for even someone with no sewing skills, I would make a rice bag version.

I have had so many students lose a glove, so I know that parents have lonely kids gloves that they can make into monster toys for their kids.

Как сшить зайку из носков - Handmade-Paradise

Игрушки из носков

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