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I grew up swimming, so when I found out that DQ also meant Dairy Queen, I was like, "What? No. Since when? That's stupid." Because I thought that if you were going to go to a restaurant, you shouldn't call it something that has such a negative connotation or nobody's going to want to go with you. I was like 12.

I got DQd on a fly at a district swim meet. When I texted my (non swimmer) friend, i said "I dropped time, but I got DQ" and she thought I meant Dairy Queen for dropping time


People not understanding that just because you& in water doesn& mean you don& get thirsty.

After the first 50!

This was me when I swam the 200 fly, then the 100 fly, and then a 50 fly in a 200 medley relay back to back to back.

Unless its fly. Then I'm like"get out of my way!";)

I go first lots of times, unless I'm in the fast people lane!<<<---I am the fast people lane!

Swimmer problems. Invisible wall of shame XD. Worse is when its a 50 and you totally mess up your race.

Invisible wall of shame :) Its even worse when that happens at a meat and you get a really slow time because of it!