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a hand holding up a pink drink with ice cubes in it and green leaves
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Strawberry Iced Tea, Clear Jelly Cube Slime, Strawberry Boba Slime

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(clear slimes are not recommended for beginners as they have a natural tack to them and melt easier with heat, but if you read included slime care instructions, you'll be peachy with it. I'm always available for any slime questions or advice, too! ^_^)
This is a super refreshing(7oz shown in pictures) clear coated Jelly cube slime. The texture is soft, juicy and and stretchy. It makes the most amazing bubble pops.
This slime contains mini boba pearls, strawberry fimo slices, Jelly cubes, and comes with realistic ice cube/s(size deoending) and extra leaves.
Scented a sweet and juicy Strawberry. ☺️
Popping the jelly cubes are super fun! Remove them if you want to keep the slimes original texture as they will break into smaller pieces over time.
✦Difficulty Level: Advanced
Disclaimer: Once you play with clear slimes, it will add air bubbles that can change the color and will turn the slime temporarily cloudy. Let the slime sit for a couple of days and the air bubbles will rise out and the slime will be come clear again. Over time, though, the natural oils from your hands will turn the slime less clear.
✦All orders come with candy and a pre mixed bottle of activator. Please see slime care instructions before playing with slime. 🤗
✦Made by Me (Gina) in USA. The 7.5oz Container(also made in USA) is a thick, double walled jar with a domed lid. My labels are slime and weatherproof and are removable so you can reuse/repurpose the container down the line. ☺️
Slime Care:
✦HEAT: We are going into the hot Summer season. In the chance your package is left out in the heat, the slime will soften, become sticky and even melt in extreme heat.
Place your package into a cool place for a few hours, or even in the fridge for about an hour. If slime has properly cooled and is still sticky, see below.
✦Slime Sticky? Use provided activator (1 teaspoon borax in 1 cup water, or 1/2 teaspoon for clear slime in 1 cup water) in SMALL amounts and mix/knead in until the slime is to a consistency you like.
If the slime is just slightly sticky,(often happens when slime is inflated from being played with) add activator directly to your hands and not the slime itself.
✦Slime Stiff? Add drops of lotion, mineral oil, or my favorite, glycerine to your slime. Again, small amounts at a time ^_^
Make sure your hands are clean and hydrated before use to prevent contamination. Contaminated slime will turn murky and can even mold.
Slime Benefits:
✦Slime is a fun activity for kids, but it also provides benefits too!
✦Slime provides tactile and proprioception input. It helps anxiety, increases ones ability to focus, and reduces stress from over-stimulation of everyday life, school, and work. I personally discovered this to be true for me when I found myself playing with it just as much as my toddler does. I've come to truly appreciate the art of slime.
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